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Your Problem isn’t Necessarily Your Goals, but Your Mindset.

Your Problem isn’t Necessarily Your Goals, but Your Mindset

I know that may hit you right in the heart, and that’s okay. It hit me in the heart also. Most of us can set goals for days. We set big numbers, large goals, objectives, etc, but lack the mindset to change and get there. Goals sound easy until you hit the wall in getting there. We run into challenges, people, market changes, culture shifts, COVID and other challenges that test our character more than our ability to set goals.

The thing that separates people who win their year and those who do not is what we call a growth mindset. It’s the mindset that always finds a way. It’s the mindset that, in humility, seeks solutions within the struggle. A mindset that can see the positive in everything, but also accepts the harsh reality in the moment. These people are not overly optimistic, but always seeking forward movement. See, most can build a goal. But when most feel discomfort, they throw it away or blame life. These people have what we call a “fixed” mindset. Your mindset is the key to your potential in goals! But it can also be your greatest barrier and limit.

If we are going to actually hit our goals in 2021, we MUST have a growth mindset. Here are some attributes of growth-oriented people. Rank yourself from (1-10, 10 being good) and see where you can develop your mind further.


  • People who accept reality, but seek the positive in everything

  • View problems as opportunities to grow

  • Always seeking ways to grow daily

  • People who are agile in times of trial

  • Believes intelligence can be learned

  • Believes effort is the pathway to mastery of a skill

  • These people enjoy the journey

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