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Living With More Energy than Ever!

I know some of you are tired. And honestly, I don’t blame you! Life is exhausting! There is so much to do. Between work stress, family, ministry, hobbies, bills, taxes, coronavirus, and cars breaking down, it seems that we can’t catch a break! Life takes A LOT of energy. Most people I work with or coach tend to be extremely exhausted. Just the other day I was on a group coaching call speaking with about as much passion and energy I could bring. As I start to speak with the group, one of my clients literally falls asleep on the zoom chat! Ha!

Now I don’t know if that tells us more about them or me, ha! But they were obviously tired! The more I work with leaders and people who want to make a difference, they are completely exhausted. They are usually over worked, and overwhelmed.

Our energy is CRITICAL to winning our year. If we have no energy, we won’t get there. Energy is what keeps us in the game, and keeps us going. The key to energy is most of us rely on external things to keep us energized. And on the other side we blame all the things in our life that is stealing our energy. The funny thing is that WE were the ones that committed to them in the first place! Energy is our responsibility.

We are energy, production centers. Energy is CULTIVATED within ourselves. Energy does not come from external sources, but an internal source from spiritual, physical, and mental habits. Here are some keys of why you are exhausted.

  • You’ve committed to the wrong things

  • You don’t have clarity on what gives you energy

  • You haven’t cut out the energy killers

  • You haven’t mapped out your energy markers in your day

  • You haven’t built habits within your day to LAUNCH your energy

I know this may sound crazy, but IT IS POSSIBLE to go to bed with more energy than you started your day with. And I get it, we were all taught to work every day and pass out with nothing left. And I would like to challenge that perspective. My goal for you would that your energy would build and build ever day. Energy is an art that MUST be mastered if we are going to win our year.

Here are a few quick tips to build your energy throughout your day. Make sure to really reflect your life and apply.

  • Make a list of 3 energy givers (Reading, Exercising, Meditating, Connect with close people)

  • Make a list of 3 energy killers (Emails, Certain People, Unimportant tasks )

  • Build daily habits around energy givers - start with 1-2

  • Build energy givers into your lunch schedule

  • End your day on 2 energy givers to end well

  • Say NO to things that are killing your energy

  • LIMIT your energy killers that you still must do to 2-3 times/day with small windows of time.

Hope this helped you all! You really CAN have more energy at the end of the day than you started! I believe it!

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