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3 Steps to getting Back on Track.

Crisis is real. This coronavirus is real. And the need to come behind this is real. I believe that this is not the time to shrink back, but to stand forward together in our communities.

We know that God is bigger than this. He is stronger and we will be okay. But In order for us to get back on track we must take ACTION to regain our grip on our daily habits and lifestyles.

Here are three ways to get back on track with your life.


We are built on rhythm. Whether we like it or not we are people built on habits. We desire to know when, where, and what we are doing in the our days. In times like these we have to find some sort of normal, even when the circumstances don't call for it. Rhythm builds momentum in our lives. Rhythm builds habits and take our growth to another level.

2 easy steps to find a rhythm.

1. Find a place to focus.

This is important. If you are working from home, this can be challenging, and especially if you have children. But blocking out space that is only yours is key. Our minds are built for places that can provide focus and peace. When this is disrupted, we can last for a little bit, but after a while we need a place that can allow us to be productive.

2. Shift your calendar.

Your time is your most valuable asset to effectiveness. Your management of your time is everything. I would encourage you to look at your calendar, and ask "How can I change this to be effective?" How can you change your week so you can see the world around you.

#2 STAY GROUNDED IN YOUR devotion time.

This is the time that the wind and the waves can come in. In the Bible, Jesus explains of a man who builds their foundation in Christ and because of that he cannot be swept away by the waves and the wind. This COVID-19 pandemic is definitely a wave. One that wants to take your peace, your confidence, and your passion away. And if we are not careful, it will. We have to stay grounded in our faith and confidence in the calling God has given our lives.

However you gotta do it, find space to spend 10 minutes with God. I encourage you to get a journal or something you can focus your thoughts with every day.

#3 same purpose, different goals.

Same purpose, different goals. I would encourage you to get clarity on the goals that you are going after. I understand that these are not the ones that you started out with on the year, but no one could have guessed this. The quicker you can get your car back on the tracks the quicker you can fly to what God has called you to thought the road might look different.

Make sure these goals are visible. I like to review them every day in my mornings with the Lord.

Goals allow us to get teeth on the purpose. Without goals vision is an idea. The quicker you can get a grip on your goals the quicker we can run again in our weeks.

I hope these practical tips helped you get back on track even during these interesting times.

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